Frustrated Driver

Question: My car is making a funny noise. What do I do when it makes noise when I drive?

Answer: Well, this depends on where the noise is coming from.

If the noise seems to be originating from under the hood, suspension or brakes, then we recommend that you stop driving the car and bring it to the shop for an inspection.

If the noise is originating from the interior of the car, then this is another matter. We know that noises can be annoying when they surface and won’t go away. In a case like this we recommend that you first try to pinpoint where the noise is coming from exactly so a technician would have a head start on figuring out how to fix it.

If you’re not sure where the noise seems to be coming from then you might want to take the car to a shop like Topline where we can test drive it with you and see if we can determine the source and possible solution.