There are many auto repair services that do not accept cars covered by extended warranties. They prefer payment directly from the car’s owner. Here at Topline we don’t mind going the extra mile to repair your car and make the claim on your behalf to the company that provides your extended warranty.
So, if you have a late model car that’s giving you some trouble and it’s covered by an extended warranty, don’t hesitate to make an appointment to have it checked out. We’ll be able to diagnose the issue and let you know if it’s likely to be covered by your warranty.
If you authorize the repair, we’ll take care of everything. In the case that some aspects of the repair are not covered by warranty, we’ll make sure you’re clear about that in advance of the work being done.
Now if you don’t have an extended warranty on your late model car, we can still help! Since our sister service here sells cars we are authorized to sell extended warranties on the cars we sell and service. Just give us a call at (650) 558-8999 to talk it over.  We will ask you for the VIN number, make and model, and mileage. With that information, we will let you know what’s available for the car you own.