If you think the car you are driving is safe, think again and double check!

Recently we’ve seen numerous customers come in for safety inspections and finding out that they are driving on worn out tires. In some cases the tires are dangerously bald and the owner is completely unaware of the condition.

Sometimes you can’t tell if your tires are bald unless you look at the inside. The photos below show what a dangerous tire looks like. This tire was on a BMW that was brought in for an inspection due to unusual vibration when driven at highway speed.

The left photo is zoomed in and shows what the tire looks like on the inside portion, which is hard to see. The right photo shows the outside of the tire, which looks fine. And the center photo shows the whole tire and you can plainly see the difference in tread wear from the inside to the outside.

Here’s the photo after we finished changing their tires.

Now you might be thinking that you can simply have your tires inspected when you bring it in for an oil change. However, many new cars today use synthetic oil and don’t need to have the oil changed for 10,000, or even, 15,000 miles. That’s too long to wait to have your tires checked. Your tires may be unsafe and not ready to last you until your next prescribed oil change.

Be safe and don’t assume your tires are fine. Come in for a safety check and confirm things. We invite you to bring your car in to Topline for a safety inspection! Just contact us to make an appointment.