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Two Reasons Why You Should Have Topline Inspect Your Car

  1. Often, the factory will issue service bulletins or recalls – these often are not forwarded to you.
  2. Often, cars on the road will develop a problem that goes unnoticed – until failure of components or unusual wear demand service.

If your car has been serviced at TOPLINE recently, you’ve all ready had your inspection – if you haven’t, fill out a Fast Track Service Request!

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What Does Up-To-Date Service Mean?

When you utilize the TOPLINE Up-To-Date Service program- you are basically getting periodic checks for warranty recalls, service bulletins, and the free inspection from a TOPLINE technician that knows more about the mechanical characteristics than the factory does.

Our technicians are often called upon to perform “factory” aftermarket modifications on high end cars. So why not put a couple of experts in your pit crew, you’ll be glad you did as you race through rush hour traffic or through country lanes.

At TOPLINE we question the value of “regular” service.

When you bought your car, you may have noticed there was a manual that suggested “regular” service. We think the word regular should be replaced with “minimum”. Here is why….

Millions of dollars were spent on the designing, tooling, manufacturing, assembling and finishing your vehicle. Little attention is placed on projecting what optimized service and maintenance to your vehicle would be.

At TOPLINE, we find design and mechanical flaws all the time. Often, the factories are unaware these flaws exist. That’s why we offer each driver bringing their vehicles into the shop a free Up-To-Date Service Inspection. The inspection takes about an hour to complete.

We inspect all normal wear points, and we will search for leaks or unusual wear situations – even if your car is under warranty. We regularly check with the factory to see if there are any service bulletins or recalls out on your car. If we find one we notify you and your dealer so the work can be scheduled.

Over the years, TEAM TOPLINE serviced vehicles out run and retain their value over vehicles that receive lesser attention.

Let us prove to you that keeping your car Up-To-Topline Quality through service protects your automotive investment – and increases your overall driving pleasure.

Road Forced Wheel Balancer

balancerA conventional balancer only balance your wheels but does not identify flaws on tires and bent wheels. At Topline we use a Hunter GSP 9700 “Road Force Measurement®” Balancer that helps us identify these hidden problems.

Wireless Alignment System

alignmentA proper wheel alignment can dramatically increase the life span of your tires, improve ride quality, safety, and increase fuel mileage. Ask for an alignment service with your scheduled maintenance.

State of the Art Diagnostics

ton01We employ “the industry standard” ASE certified technicians and master certified technicians. We often put them through the latest training and use the most up to date diagnostics tools to give you the most accurate diagnosis on your vehicles.

Quality Factory Approved Parts

partsAt Topline we use only factory approved parts that exceed factory specifications.