Topline Auto Sales - Car Dealership San Mateo - Reconditioning

At your convenience, Topline provides the following services:

Paint Touch Up

touchupRock chips and scratches on your vehicle can be touched up without you having to resort to costly painting of the entire body panel.

Dent and Ding Repair

dentremoveMinor dents and dings don’t warrant a panel repaint. If there is no paint loss, dents can be pulled out for a fraction of the cost.

Curb Damage Repair

wheelrepairHit a curb and damage your wheel? You don’t need to replace the entire wheel. Wheels can be sanded and refinished. Polished wheels can be smoothed out and repolished.

Windshield Repair

windshield1Most windshield rock chips can be filled. It is a low cost way to keep the windshield from cracking. We provide chip repair and windshield replacement.

Clear Armor

ClearArmorInstallWith a Clear Armor kit, your car’s finish will be protected against chips, nicks, and scratches that occur while driving. Clear Armor kits have been engineered to provide more coverage than factory films.

Window Tint

tint01Our window tint blocks out harmful UV rays from the sun which can cause your vehicle interior to age prematurely. It also blocks out heat and keeps the inside of the vehicle cooler.