I have a 2011 BMW 550i with high mileage. I can smell the coolant after a long drive, but there are no leaks on the floor. I brought the car to a local shop to check for coolant leaks, but they can’t find any leaks. What should I do?


A 2011 BMW 550i vehicle is a little more complicated than most cars. It has an N63 V8 turbo engine which means both turbos are sitting between two cylinder heads. What you are describing is most likely a leak, but you won’t notice it because of the way the engine is manufactured.

What you are describing may be a minor coolant leak in the turbo seal. The best thing to do is to bring the car over for an overnight inspection. We will do a coolant pressure test for both hot and cold. If a leak is detected, then we will be able to fix the problem.

Here at Topline we are specially trained to work on BMW V8 turbo engines. We specialize in servicing luxury cars like these to take care of your car the right way the first time.